Saturday, October 20, 2007

Crowded, Crazy Moscow!!!

I was in Moscow for a few days this week - again a work trip so not too much time to explore but enough time to make it to Red Square and to get a taste of the culture. I arrived on a Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 and asked the driver approximately how long it would take to get to the office. He said it was "medium traffic" so it would take a little over an hour (apparently it is 30-40 min with no traffic, which is hardly ever). One hour and fifty minutes later we arrived at the office. Seriously, I have never seen anything like Moscow traffic - complete chaos, no rules, and crowded crowded crowded! My coworker told me that it once took him 4 hours!!!
After a few hours preparing for the workshop the following day, Daniel and Ann took me to dinner and Red Square - which was fantastic!!! This was also the night when Moscow upset England in a football match (soccer) so the city was alive with celebrating fans!
In front of St. Basil's Cathedral....
Lenin's Mausoleum where the embalmed body of Vladimir Lenin lies....

GUM, one of two large, posh department stores in Moscow, GUM (pronounced 'goom') is right in the middle of Red Square.

Overall, I think I would recommend going to Moscow - Red Square is really impressive and it is so different from anywhere I have ever been - but just a few days is enough to get the flavor. I've heard that St. Petersberg is beautiful so hopefully I'll make it there soon!

Quick Trip to Hamburg

I went to Hamburg for 2 days last week and loved it! Two days were definitely not enough and hopefully I'll make it back soon.
There are lots of great canals and green parks. I was there for work so I really don't have any interesting stories, just a few pictures and an endorsement that if you have the chance to go, do it!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Congratulations Mary Claire and David!!!

I was fortunate enough to be able to pair a business trip back to the US with a trip down to North Carolina to take part in celebrating Mary Claire and David's wedding!

After spending the beginning of the week in NJ for some meetings I headed down to Charlotte where I got to spend some quality time with Kristen & Jonathan Rogers (and their dog Heidi!); Cynthia, Kate, & Caroline Illingworth; Emily & David Rietz; and Katie & Scott Thompson.

From there it was off to Winston-Salem...and no trip to Winston is complete without a visit to Wake Forest University!

Mary Claire and David had a 'good ol' fashion' Texas BBQ for their rehearsal dinner at Tangelwood Park and we were treated to a gorgeous sunset.

The following day there was a wedding brunch at the Zevely House in Winston.

And then the big event! After a beautiful ceremony at Reynolda Presbyterian, we headed to Graylyn for an absolutely gorgeous reception.

It was great to see so many friends from Wake Forest! I guess there are only two things left to say..