Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Aunt Pat!!!

Sean's aunt Pat celebrated her 80th birthday today among family and friends.  We had a scare with her health his past fall, but she pulled through and is thriving now. After we sang happy birthday she said "now I know why I'm still here."  So sweet!
She's been a member of St. Christopher's for 57 years so only fitting that we started with a mass where they honored her in part of the service. Waiting for everyone to arrive....

 After the mass we headed to an Italian restaurant that had been completely rented out for our every large family (remember I come from a family of 9 total - with uncle, cousins, and grandmother - so I am loving the Irish Catholic brood!). It was very much like a wedding - mass and a wonderful reception to follow!

 Pat's daughters had asked us to take a picture holding one word that signified Pat to us. They made an incredible slide show with those which was so fun and touching to watch!

 Finn charmed us at the party while his dad and brothers were at the Sox game.

Happy birthday Aunt Pat - we love you!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Celebration of Hope 2016

My favorite time of year at Willow Creek is the 3 week period of Celebration of Hope held every spring.  During these weeks we focus on social justice for the most marginalized.  There are guest speakers, booths in the lobby of organizations around the world doing good to help those in need, a 5K for refugees, and SEED PACKING!!!

Melissa and Elias came in town specifically for COH and Shannon joined us.  We packed seeds for 2 hours to help the church reach their goal of 1 million seed packs (each pack hold 5 bags of various vegetable seeds). This year the stakes were raised and we were to pack all 1 million seed packs in 3 days!

 Elias loved the frogs, fish and chickens in the lobby booths. Mel, Shannon and I LOVED hearing Christine Caine speak.
We had a great time the rest of the weekend as well. E and I loved the condo rooftop on this sunny weekend!

 And who doesn't love the swings at Oz Park!
Come back soon Mel and E!!!