Friday, November 27, 2009


I know we all say this every year, but I really can't believe how fast a year has flown by! Last year I was just arriving back from a 2yr stint in Denmark at Thanksgiving time. Now, I've been in Chicago a year and have enjoyed spending time with my family, gotten to reconnect with old friends, made some incredible new friends, gotten to travel to some pretty great places (Honduras, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia), and have just recently bought a condo downtown (more on that later!)!!!

My first "event" back in the States last year was the Cada's 1st Annual Thanksgiving Eve Party. The Cada's have been family friends since Dean was a senior in high school and my dad was a 2nd year basketball coach - crazy! They've had quite a year as well - a new grand baby Brady!!! Thankfully they decided to keep the tradition alive this year, it was great to see them!
Thanksgiving was again spent at the Lake this year - could not ask for a more perfect setting to spend a relaxing day with Mom, Dad, and Kelly!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What a Ride!

Kelly has been telling me for awhile now about her amazing rides along the lake from Lincoln Park to Hyde Park. I had only gone north along the lake thus far, and the southbound route definitely did not disappoint.
We rode 20miles - from Old Town to Promontory Point - and enjoyed the unseasonably warm (mid 50s!), gorgeous, sunny day!
About 7 miles of the way north this is the view....A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!! (way better in person, poor blackberry camera quality does not do it justice!)

Una Boda Mexicana!

Last night was Stephanie and Jason's engagement party! Now, I've been to my fair share of weddings, at least 30, but I have never been to a destination wedding - nor, destination wedding engagement party - fun times for sure!

The food...and drink as you can see from Steph showing off the delicious sangria....was Mexican themed as the wedding is in Puerto Vallarta. PS - the sangria is even better with a paper umbrella!!
As part of the evening Stephanie and Jason gave us all the details about the all inclusive resort, room rates, flight deals, etc - they were quite organized, though I would expect nothing less! I know the happy couple through my Willow Creek small group - here is a bunch of us below. Meredith (red sweater in front of me) is the maid of honor and Chris (green sweater behind me, who stunt doubles as Jason's cousin) is an usher.
It was a great night celebrating some fabulous friends - can't wait for September!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pobrecito Papa

Ahh, my poor dad. He was in an accident - got hit by a rogue motorcycle. He is fine, well, almost fine - cracked rib. Which is better than an broken leg or cracked collarbone which were some of the other injuries from this hit and run accident. He and my mom are down in Mexico for a few weeks. Thankfully, they have lots of good friends down there who could help them out.

In true Parker style, he is surviving with a smile and seeing the humor in it are some of the "play by play" emails I have received on the incident...

The whole incident was caused by a biker woman who was flashing the crowd. Dad called her the Dolly Parton of Mexico. Well...she was attracting quite a crowd and delaying the parade. The guy behind her was quite upset- kept revving up his bike. That's all Dad remembers until opening his eyes on the pavement.

So many people rushed to assist him, both Mexican and American. Two American ladies helped him up. A shop owner brought out a chair. A fish vendor brought a bucket of ice. The Red Cross and an ambulance came. They wanted to take him to the hospital but he refused.

The man said Dad was thrown about 6 feet in the air. The man caught him using both arms and fell backwards. That explains why he wasn't hurt more by the force - just some scraps. He has quite a bruise on his side today.

I had a bad night - mucho pain. Called Miguel in Guadalajara at 11AM for his doctor. Went with Soda, Bruce & Debbie for a quick shrimp cocktail and cerveza at Mary's. I was back at the pool by 2:30 on my "reserved" towel.
Just another day in paradise, Bob

Just days before the accident celebrating a first place victory in the costume contest...

Monday, November 9, 2009

First we need to help ourselves!

While that title is pretty much the opposite of the theme of this weekend, it did make the LK/CP quote board! Let me back up...this weekend was the Willow Creek Axis Fall Retreat held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

The resort was just a few minutes from my parent's house, so Lynne took the train up and met me a little early. I arrived in Harvard as the train was pulling up...kept looking for Lynne, but no dice. Then I get a call and she is FRANTIC - basically in need of paper bag and some Vicodin. She had gotten stuck in the train because only a few cars in the back opened. Thankfully it was the last stop, so the train just pulled out, switched tracks, and arrived to pick up passengers headed back to Chicago. At least Lynne can now say she's pulled the emergency break on a train - score!!!

We headed to my parents' house (empty because they are in Mexico) and had a wonderful dinner of wine, cheese, apples, and spaghetti. While Chi Chi may have indeed needed our help...we first needed to help ourselves!

The weekend was AMAZING! Great messages about God being everywhere, relational, our healer, and on mission. Great friends. Great worship. Great weather (70 in November - what!).
Sadly no pics, but you can imagine!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Fitz!

Last night I got to meet Teddy for the first time and helped him celebrate his 1 month birthday! The last times I held babies this little were my main man Bo, who is now a big one and a half year old and Brooks who is almost one.

What a cutie and Jill is such a great mom!
I still remember sitting next to Jill in 7th grade social studies, and now here I am sitting next to her as she rocks her baby.
Congratulations Jill and Fitz!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a difference a year makes...

Last year on Halloween I was enjoying an unseasonably warm weekend in Santorini, Greece in the company of my three favorite Greeks - Mike, Sophia, and Carolina!

This year I was hosting my dear friend Kristen as she came into Chicago a bit early for a work trip. We headed straight to Lincoln Park to watch a heartbreaking loss in the last seconds for our Demon Deacons.
Then it was off to one of my new favorite restaurants - Mercandito. Amazing and unique margaritas, salsas, and guacamoles. I highly recommend the mushroom tacos!