Sunday, January 19, 2014

Melissa and Elias Visit!!!!

This little guy and his mom came in town the weekend and I could not have been happier to see them.  Melissa used to live with me in Chicago and while Ann Arbor isn't that far away, it's not as good as right down the hall.
Melissa was in town for a wedding so Shannon came over to hang out and do makeup.  

She did an amazing job and we had a great afternoon!!!
And what lazy Saturday afternoon isn't complete without a competitive game of Ticket to Ride!?!
Elias even helped me out when he got up from his case you were wondering, we won :-)

What fun it was babysitting this guy!!!  Such a happy baby.

On Sunday morning Chad, Melissa, Elias, Jake (Chad's friend) and I went out to brunch at an amazing new spot...well new to me...Stax Cafe.
Great to see you Melissa and Elias...can't wait to head to Ann Arbor for some Olympics watching!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Our dad is not a "birthday guy"  - he loves a good party, but just not one honoring his growing one year older.  Nevertheless, this was a "big one" so Kelly and I decided we were going to throw him a surprise party.  
We got him down to the city under the guise of a family dinner...instead about 40-50 of his closest friends were gathered to celebrate. And what a celebration it was!!!!

So many of his friends from various parts of his life were able to make it...showing what an incredible friend, mentor, and man he is.  Many of those who could not make it sent in videos wishing him a happy birthday that we included in the slideshow (more on that later!)

The yard service crew!!!
The Hinsdale crowd!

Kelly worked extremely hard on what turned out to be an amazing tribute slideshow that we all enjoyed....
....especially the birthday boy!
Naturally the cake had a snowmobile topper that he loved.

Cheers to a very successful party!
Happy Birthday Dad - I love you!!!