Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas is in the air

Tis the season for Christmas parties.  Friday night started off at the JW Marriott before heading to the Field Museum for the PwC Christmas party.   
The theme was Mardi Gras, the food and service were fantastic, and the band was rocking for this crowd of over 2500.

Obligatory shot with Sue.

On Saturday Joseph and Marty got us into the holiday spirit by tickling the ivories.

Molly was very surprised by all the people.

And Charlie fought off sleeping all night.

They had a photographer there, which was a great idea to get so many great pictures!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving South of the Border

We may have just started a new holiday tradition....Thanksgiving south of the border!!  Who can argue with this view?

 And these gorgeous sunsets.
 These two were quite happy about the warm weather.

 Soda pulled off a delicious expected.
 Friday we headed to Cholla Bay for Big Wave Dave's Chili cookoff.  Entry was a bag of dog food.

 We had a blast!  There were 16 entries.  All competitors and guests received a small cup to go around and sample all the chilis and then vote on their favorite.
 Benny's Northwoods Chili did not win, maybe next year!
 Then off to a sunset fiesta at Casa de Capitan.

 Saturday we took a gorgeous catamaran tour.

Hope you all had memorable Thanksgivings also!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chicago Girls' Weekend in San Antonio

Megan and Melissa were two of the first people I met when I moved back to Chicago, so I was thrilled that they would be able to join me for a weekend of fun in San Antonio especially because Megan now lives in Austin and Melissa in Ann Arbor.

They got to the hotel around 10:45....I was of course asleep, but rallied to go down to the Riverwalk for a snack.  I took them to Boudro's for what they both agreed was the best guacamole they've ever had.  Sadly we didn't take pictures of the ponchos that were provided on each chair for the riverside dining.

After sleeping in a little we grabbed a quick breakfast before heading to my spinning obsession JoyRide.  After some showers we headed to Historic Market Square for lunch...our walk was quite festive as it was along a parade route.

Then we rallied and got on the bikes to head to the Missions.  Nothing like an active vacation.

We got back at the perfect time for cocktails in the hot tub to rest our sore butts.

Then it was off to the Pearl district, which is where the old Pearl Brewery was, that has now been converted to shops, restaurants, condos, and more.  We ate at the Granary which called itself a BBQ place but took a modern spin on that, very good but don't go if you are starving.

We then did a slow drive by of the San Fernando lightshow since we were all exhausted.

No sleeping in on Sunday as we were up an at 'em for the River City Run (round 2 for me!)
 The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing poolside or in the hot tub - fun times!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Twins Christening!

The twins were christened last weekend in a sweet, special ceremony attended by immediate family.
Molly slept through most of the ceremony.
 While Charlie was alert and calm.
Ladies first...
All the nieces and nephews were able to make it.
 Family photos of the Griffins.
 and Moodys.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Let the parties begin!

Sean and I have had so much fun celebrating!  Thank you Emily and Rob for the great cake!
 The Moody's all met us for pizza the other night at Louisa's - some of the Southside's finest pizza!

 Joseph has started walking for the occasion!
 Molly and Charlie made it out too!
 Kay and Danny made us some great posters!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

In Pie we Crust

Last Sunday was the 10th Annual Apple Pie Fest.  Kelly and I entered Benny's Northwoods Apple Pie for the 2nd year in a row.
 And Benny's pie was a semi-finalist!!!!!  WOO HOO!
 Sean was more than happy to sample.
 The semi finalist board!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quick Trip to DC

I've known Markida since she was in 8th grade and now she's a senior looking at colleges.  So we were off to DC with her brother Mark for their first plane ride!

Howard is Markida's first choice and I could see why.  We had a great time touring and enjoying the homecoming festivities.

Erin and I met Kara, Chris and the kids for a great Mexican dinner.
Kara's kids are getting so big!

 Then we were off to the monuments at night!

 Sunday we met up with Carla and Ellie who is already running at 10 months - wow!
 We had a mini Maersk reunion and a great lunch in DC!
 Hope to be back to visit soon!