Monday, January 2, 2012

Polar Plunge 2012

 Last year when we were celebrating at Harpoon Willys on January 1st, there was a mass exodus from the bar around noon and then 15 minutes later people came back wet and shivering.  This is how we learned of the tradition of a Jan 1 Polar Plunge in the Bay.  Tres and Dan said they were in this year and convinced Mike and Mark to join as well.
 The plungers were driven to the dive sight, while the rest of us walked over from Harpoons.
 Williams Bay beach is the sight of the plunge.
 Tres checked with the mayor beforehand who confirmed that this is a family show, no speedos allowed, so he wore trunks, but painted "el tigre" on his chest in honor of his favorite suit.
 Mark left his bathrobe on until the last possible minute to conserve heat.
 The cheering squad...
 A little sun broke through just in time for the event.
 Dan, Mike, Mark, and Tres getting ready.
 And they're off!!!!
Check out Dan about to dive under...
 On the way back to the beach....

Here is one of the YouTube links - poor Mike had a really hard time finding his towel.

Well done guys!!!

 And then back to Harpoons to watch football and kick off a great year!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oyster Trauma

Growing up, my parents would host a Christmas Open House every year.  While this was a mostly fun event, it did always come with some trauma for me.  My dad loves oysters on the half shell and I was his partner in crime for shucking.  We would head down to the basement or out to the garage with the oysters, a flat head screwdriver, and a hammer.  I would hold the oysters while he would chisel them open....requiring quick reflexes from me if the hammer or screwdriver ever slipped!
He called me a couple days ago and said, "We're back in action!!!  I got a dozen oysters.  We're shucking Saturday!!!!"  I was a little nervous, but we came up with a new method of me holding the oyster with an old oven mitt which helped with both the safety and the leverage for cracking them open.
Look how great they look!!!! (not that I ate any, but those who like oysters said they were very good)

That was it for pictures...but we had a great night ringing in the New Year in Lake Geneva with a progressive dinner through the neighborhood!!!