Monday, October 17, 2016

M & P

When my sister and I found out we were pregnant at the same time, and due almost the same day, we were thrilled!  Nothing like cousins that are as close as sisters. M was 5 weeks early and P was 1 week late, and they are already thick as thieves!

Sean will be watching them both once we go back to work...he's going to rock that job! Benny is already doing a great job...very protective. He gives good kisses and makes sure Kelly and I attend to the girls' needs quickly.

More shots of these besties....

Their first meeting -

Chillin at the park -

Size comparisons -


We can't wait to watch you two grow up together!

Monday, October 10, 2016

More friends for Parker Louise

In addition to all the family that surrounds us, there are plenty of friends to love. The Wyatts, some of Sean's oldest friends, came to visit and we had a blast...lots of girls!!

Lynne was in town from Atlanta and gave P some tips of living in 1515.

Aunt Elese was a great snuggler.

Te quiero Tia Mel...

She can't wait to enjoy your cooking and jewlery Uncle Johnny

Salty...who held me when I was this old...was thrilled to meet P.

We met up with my friend Jill and her son Declan at Sweet Mandy B's.
We could not agree more..the best things in life are sweet!

Yay for Uncle Jake...counting down the days until his baby boy is born!!!

Looking forward to many more new friends for Parker P!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dear Parker...

A friend of a friend writes notes to her children on their month-aversaries and I like the idea. So here is a spot to capture your likes, dislikes, and the happenings of the month that you will be able to look up later in life.

You certainly were in no hurry to meet the time I was a little surprised by that, but when I learned you were 12 pounds, I thanked you for waiting so that the doctors could come get you. It was not at all the birth experience I envisioned, but it was perfect and it brought us you!

You've been a very "easy" baby so far (knocking on all wood available). You only cry when hungry, you are quite content to sit in your rocker, on the boppy lounger, or on our chests, and you easily go from person to person who comes to visit.

Music is one of your favorites. We met Aunt Kelly and Madison in the park yesterday and the marching band was practicing and you continued to turn your head and watch every time they started up. You also love your black and white picture book and baths.

While you are eating or hanging out with us, you study our faces intently which we love.

Another big trait of yours is stretching. I have never seen a baby stretch so much...complete with little grunts when you get a good one in!

You are fascinated by trees...our little arborist who studies the trees from her rocker for hours.

This month we have been fairly active for your age. The biggest trip we made was to Minocqua, Wisconsin with Gran, Pappo, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Dan, Madison, and Benny. You were an angel on both of the long drives and had a great time staring at the trees/lake and attending Beef-o-rama.

Other outings include several walks, Ranalli's for the Blackhawks preseason game with Uncle Brian, a family cookout at Papa Bobs, a visit with Hoonzie and Salty, a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and a couple well visits at your doctor.

Love you to the moon and back little lady!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Moody gang!

I come from a very small (and awesome!) family, so growing up I was always hoping to marry into a big one. I got my wish and then some! Parker has 11 cousins on the Moody side and some wonderful aunts and uncles who have come to visit!

Molly and her parents were smitten with P...Charlie was more interested in her toys!

Marty, Joseph, Danny and Kay were all big fans of baby Parker.

Mary Katie, Megan and Aunt Kara are all pros at baby care.

Jack and Tommy, she can't wait to meet you!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

4 weeks for Parker Louise!!!

4 weeks ago a little lady finally arrived and promptly stole my heart.  Parker Louise was born on Thursday Sept 8th at 7:13pm. She's been a dream baby...happy and content...and we could not be more in love.

Dr. Dad pronounced the gender and cut the cord - wow!

Despite being after visiting hours, Gran and Pappo were able to meet Miss P less than 2 hours after birth. She was thrilled to meet them.

She had many more visitors over the next few days including Aunt Kelly and Madison.
And Grandma Mar...

Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital gave us a romantic dinner our last night in the hospital. Parker was the maitre d and chaperone.

Back home we've been having a blast!

She loves getting baths...good thing she's a water baby, maybe she'll inherit her mother's childhood nickname, Minnow.

Acing all doctor's visits...

Taking a break...

One of her favorite activities is stretching...she's already mastered it!

Uncle Brian has been a big help as he lives only a few blocks away. It was fun to get out for a Blackhawks preseason game with him.

She is quite the bed hog!

And also loves the bobby lounger;

She's already been to mass 3 times and as happy to meet Father Morin who officiated her parents' wedding and will perform her baptism.

This little ladybug loved her first visit to Lincoln Park Zoo!

We love you to the moon and back Parker P!!