Thursday, October 6, 2016

4 weeks for Parker Louise!!!

4 weeks ago a little lady finally arrived and promptly stole my heart.  Parker Louise was born on Thursday Sept 8th at 7:13pm. She's been a dream baby...happy and content...and we could not be more in love.

Dr. Dad pronounced the gender and cut the cord - wow!

Despite being after visiting hours, Gran and Pappo were able to meet Miss P less than 2 hours after birth. She was thrilled to meet them.

She had many more visitors over the next few days including Aunt Kelly and Madison.
And Grandma Mar...

Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital gave us a romantic dinner our last night in the hospital. Parker was the maitre d and chaperone.

Back home we've been having a blast!

She loves getting baths...good thing she's a water baby, maybe she'll inherit her mother's childhood nickname, Minnow.

Acing all doctor's visits...

Taking a break...

One of her favorite activities is stretching...she's already mastered it!

Uncle Brian has been a big help as he lives only a few blocks away. It was fun to get out for a Blackhawks preseason game with him.

She is quite the bed hog!

And also loves the bobby lounger;

She's already been to mass 3 times and as happy to meet Father Morin who officiated her parents' wedding and will perform her baptism.

This little ladybug loved her first visit to Lincoln Park Zoo!

We love you to the moon and back Parker P!!

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